Handcrafted Ponchos

These unique handcrafted ponchos are made in South America.

They are fun, practical and cute on kids!. Whilst older children and adults love them.

 These ponchos are made from 50% cotton and 50% wool so they are soft as well as hard wearing. Soft enough for babies!

They are available for ages from 6 months  to adult sizes. Just click on the relevant section below to see examples.


Handcrafted Ponchos from South America

Handcrafted Ponchos from South America

Adult Ponchos with unique designs
Sizes   10-18

Kid's Ponchos

Kid's Ponchos

Cute children's poncho
6 months to 8 years 

We also deliver to Europe, USA and other international destinations - click on  DELIVERY for more details

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